When I kept bees I had just a few hives yet wanted a good looking and personal label and it was then I started to produce my own.  If you wish to present your honey for sale or as gifts with attractive labels I may be able to help.

Not just for Honey – I can produce labels for any purpose, just ask – Contact me.

I provide a highly customised service providing the labels you want, in the quantities you need, when you need them and at a price I think you will be happy to pay.

Labels are laser printed, text and images will not smudge or run which can happen with inkjet printing.

Matt white paper is the standard finish but high gloss, or transparent labels are available.

You can order small quantities as you need them.  A single sheet if that’s all you need.

Once your first labels have been produced the design is saved and as further orders are normally supplied within a couple of days, with changed date markings or lot numbers if needed, you only need to order when you have the honey ready to go into the jars.

You can choose a standard design or request a bespoke label using your supplied drawing, painting or photograph – you will be responsible for clearing any copyright.

I can advise on the appropriate labelling regulations and am happy to discuss these with you to ensure you get the label you need.

For more information please contact me.

John Dudman

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